Petaluma Campus

Petaluma Science Building


New Science addition to the Petaluma Campus, will comprise of  2560ft2 Chemistry Wing and 1920ft2 Anthropology Wing.  Both these will be modular buildings with ample outdoor learning areas for Sceince related studies. 

Construction of this project will commence in April 2019.


Petaluma Student Services Project


This project will reorient the entry to the campus, providing a much needed formal entry point to the Petaluma Campus.  The new entry area will be between existing building 400 and 500, with an extensive outdoor renovation including raised planters and seating areas, bicycle parking, outdoor seating and ample room to hold community and campus gatherings.  An addition will be constructed to building 500, providing space for student life activities and programs.  A new dining area will be constructed within building 400 allowing connectivity to the outdoor gathering spaces. 

Construction of this project will commence in June of 2019.