Petaluma Campus

Petaluma Science Building

This project will comprise of a 2,560 square foot chemistry wing and a 1,920 square foot anthropology wing, both of which will be modular buildings with ample outdoor learning areas for science related studies. Construction of this project commenced in May 2019 and is scheduled for completion in January 2021.

Petaluma Student Services Project

This project will reorient the entrance to the Petaluma Campus, providing a formal entry point. The new entry area will be between the existing Student Center and Mike Smith Hall, with an outdoor renovation including raised planters, bicycle parking, outdoor seating and ample room to hold community and campus gatherings. An addition will be constructed to Mike Smith Hall, providing space for student life activities and programs. A new dining area will be constructed within the existing Student Center, allowing connectivity to the outdoor gathering spaces. The project started construction in the spring of 2020 and is scheduled for completion in March 2021.

Petaluma Recording Studio

This space now provides acoustic isolation treatment for the Recording Studio, which will support students working towards a Digital Media Audio Certificate. The acoustic isolation treatment will better prepare the students for jobs by allowing them to have the real-world experience of recording instruments in isolation, to have the real-world experience of having site lines of communication with the musicians via a window to practice direction techniques, and to create high quality recordings that can be submitted as a portfolio.